Why Feed The World?


Since the turn of the millennium (and decades before), there has always been shortage or scarcity of food and amenities. In deprived communities around the world that has been on the brink of wars, economic depreciation, famine, extreme weather anomalies, and many more unfortunate events, it has created cause for concern. Charity organisations are ever more under increasing pressure for robust solutions with the aim of eradicating the status quo of perpetuity.

Worldwide Hunger

Worldwide, we have researched compiled data from Action Against Hunger that more than enough food is produced to feed the global population, but as many as 811 million people still go hungry. For a decade world hunger was at a steady decline but in recent years it has been on the rise, affecting 9.9 percent of people worldwide. In addition, it was reported by the UN that from 2019 to 2020 the number of undernourished people grew by as many as 161 million of which has been attributed mainly to civil unrest/conflict, extreme weather anomalies, and infectious diseases. Before this increase in recent years, the world had been making significant progress in reducing hunger. In fact in 2000, world leaders joined the United Nations and civil society in committing to meet eight Millennium Development Goals by 2015, the first of which was “to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.”

Even with the aid of major charity organisations like UNICEF, Red Cross etc and numerous minor charitable organisations, there are more and more underprivileged communities on the rise. World Economic Forum has announced plans for The Great Reset agenda in the mist of the current pandemic crisis and there’s no clear implications or benefits that will affect the charitable sector.


Feed The World Global aims to be an integral part of the charity sector to aid in reaching to those communities that we are directly in contact with. From our experience, our team has had the privilege of working with other charities in the most challenging places around the world like Bali, India, Colombia and Africa. We’ve witnessed first hand what extreme poverty and lack of basic amenities does to the quality and wellbeing of life of the people. With our experience and cultural diversity within the team, we created the charity to be supplemented by a tokenized project that will serve as an additional charitable medium.

We are proactive in our obligations that has been set out for the long term and with strategic project protocols. The pathway is to begin locally and spread our influence with the acquisition of seasoned investors to various areas both nationally and internationally. Charity Begins At Home  has always been a widely acknowledged mantra in societies of all ages, and this is the benchmark of our programme.

Ever since the pandemic crisis, life has changed forever as we know it. Adapting to immediate and long term changes will be very critical in sustaining and fulfilling the needs of the underprivileged. We aim to be creative in our services through tokenised projects as outlined in our white paper , in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that is set to become the future in digital financial services. A future that will require digital tokens/coins to process transactions in order to continue without disruption the charitable services that is much needed locally, nationally and internationally.

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