The Inception Of FTWG

Arriving at the decision for the inception of FTWG tokenized charitable organisation is nothing short of sheer motivation and ambition. During the past couple of years, Dante Cogliandro Founder/CEO of FTWG { Feed The World Global } had a keen and intriguing interest on the cryptocurrency and the crypto ecosystem. His long term vision was to create a token that would be of utility value in charitable protocol projects and evolve into building an exchange to exclusively support other charities on the blockchain.

He partnered with his associate and friend Peter N Egwuagu who also shared mutual interests in the crypto ecosystem to formulate the idea of  FTWGs inception. We had to do extensive research on the most practical principles to be adhered in order for the idea to manifest.

Dante and I had to dive deep into the world of cryptocurrency to establish the criteria required to implement our ideas for FTWG. We discovered that the crypto world was about to revolutionise the financial industry as we know it, and was at the paradigm of a  consciousness shift. We knew that our idea to create a tokenized charitable protocol would play an integral part in the ecosystem. The inception of FTWG depended on how prepared we were with the white paper and as we’ve discovered, our initial plan had to be revolutionised due to some setbacks regarding the structure of the token. 
The initial launch and the presale of the token was a success with very limited marketing resources but we were content with the whole operation. Our next step was to host an AMA (ask me anything) on the a prominent Asian crypto platform called Cryptonesia that turned out to be very educational as translations to different languages had to be implemented. As we progressed through the days, there was a need to increase the our liquidity value and it was very clear that we had to focus on growing our user base.
The team decided to launch a Twitter contest campagin to grow our user base but to our dismay, we had little response. Back to the drawing board, an audit revision of our smart contract revealed a major error in relation to the structure and radical kchnges had to be made for a reset.

Niko our marketing and social media manager and Valerio our project developer discovered that we had to reconstruct the smart contract due to some unforseen descrepancies that wasn’t detected. The major reason why FTWG token wasn’t appealing as an innovative digital asset aquisition was the inbalance between FTWG market cap and the liquitity value, which equated to less than 0.1%. We needed at least 10% for the smart contract to be considered viable to attract investors and users. This was a great call for revision as we as a company had invested quite a reasonable amount of resources up till this point. Dante (CEO) swiftly went to work on the revolution of the contract and the whole project was temporarily halted for the transition, with limited time to spare.

This was a meticulous operation of creating the new contract and transfering the whole liquidity into the new contract address, transfering every holders investment into the new contrcat, and at the same time tracking the markets to calculate the closest estimated trading value of our token in relation to BNBs market value. Within 2 days of relentless work, the marketing and social media manager, the project developer and the CEO managed to successfully recreate the smart contract and rewrite the White PaperThrough our decisive swift action, we’ve gone from FTWG to FTWG 2.0 in a bid to revolutionise the smart contract making it appealing to investors and users. 



As of this press release, FTWG 2.0 is in operation and the team will continue to invest resources in research and development. We have a lot of work to do in terms of increasing our liquidity value, growing our holders, users and investors. We are just over a month old in its overall inception and we have quickly learnt that a constant review of the project is dependent on the success of its long term future. Our Telegram Group is one of our most important platforms in creating our community of users and investors, integrating and interacting towards a sustainable project that is of benefit to all. There’s so much more in the project to share and in subsequent blogs, we will be releasing more transparent information in connection with FTWG 2.0.

Next week I will be writing about Feed The World Global Charity. What we’ve been able to achieve and also our current plans to reach out to other charitable organisations for collaboration on the local, national and international spectrum.

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