Feed The World Global Foundation

Feed The World Global Foundation is a charity born with the aim of nourishing the
body, soul and mind of the collective.
From food banks to financial support for medical expenses, we at “FTWG Foundation”
want above all to help people develop their potential and with this goal in mind we
would also like to establish collaborations with teachers and instructors to create
projects for the benefit of communities. Creating scholarships that will allow
individuals to participate in courses and seminars offered on psychology, mindfulness,
non-violent communication and paths for children and vulnerable populations.
Our greatest dream is to create internal channels of development in the communities
that need them, with the aim of creating a sustainability of well-being and wealth,
from fighting hunger in the world to creating a reality of prosperity available to all.
Our funding will come mainly from a project, chaired by Feed The World Global Limited,
the idea is to use the assets of the future with a noble and nutritious purpose for
the less fortunate: “Crypto Currency with a SOUL”.
Feed The World vision is to support and enable every community to develop and
run projects internally to satisfy their needs and empower their people. We want
not only to donate with a full heart but bring hope and trust at the core of our
donations. We believe that each one of us has a purpose and we want to support
individuals that are ready to step up for their people and are in need of support.
Resources are always available and our aim is to provide that extra help to make
each project a true shiſt and transformation in the communities we work with.
There is so much work and healing that still needs to happen in the world and us at
“Feed The World Global Foundation” would love to impact and improve as many
lives as possible. Tackling the biggest world issues is not an easy task but we are
taking one step at the time

This project was born from common needs and dreams, it combines Francesca and Ilaria linked by a friendship that has lasted for more than 15 years.
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